Concord UMI0988 ULTIMAX I-Size Flaming, rot

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Typ i-Size
Marke Concord


Concord Ultimax I-Size i-Size/size: 40cm to 105cm bodysize/ age: approx. 3 months up to approx. 4 years different use, always safe The car seat  Ultimax I-Size is equipped with an Isofix base for an easy and safe connection in the vehicle. The seat can be used in a forward facing direction and backwards facing position, therefore car seat  Groupe 0+  and car seat  Groupe 1. The Ultimax has a headrest that is height-adjustable in 6 positions, the belt is height-adjustable and adapts automatically. PROCOMFORT SYSTEM –  Seat and lying position is also possible against forward facing, adjustable with one hand. SEATREDUCER –  inclusive! EASY TO REMOVE –  the Ultimax I-Size can be easily and fast adjusted in both directions on the isofix. ISOFIX-CONNECTION- the Isofix connectors can be extended by a rotary knorb.